Thursday, July 14, 2016

Five Are Fallen, One Is And One Haven't Yet Come!

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

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     Seen to be seeing a pale horse judgement, followed by an Islamic reign, 12/24/2001-2017

     "Do they know, (our grandchildren), do your children know, that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parents grew up in free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America?" Holy Spirit 2011

     Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, ("Mark 17 and 7,"), And There Was Silence In Heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, in my closet 1993, AD

Her Cup Filled With Martyred Blood         7/13/2016                       10:49 AM

      -So you're saying there won't be another Us President, no, no, no, not, I, Maaseiah, she actually witness Christ Millennium follow Obama's administration; wait wait, you're saying we're in that much trouble? Only those not following Jesus, this is Beo the birth pains of the greatest of tribulation ever" remember, Jesus promised to cast all unrepentant, lives, lands, churches into great tribulaion which is come. So according to what Holy Spirits here, there and everywhere are telling Maaseiah, these last thirty years these evil times are worse than in Noah's Day. That Obama Presidency was given exactly two weeks and seven years, in that order and then those two beast of Revelation 13, come out of prediction. That's no including an additional one she saw tearing through the churches and stomping, chomping people while they sat their porches, undoubtedly a pundit of the stock/bear market.  Remember Maaseiah  predicted the Hussein White House 2003 in the beginning, meaning you can't Bronze believe none of what you hear or see, none! That is what Jesus was forewarning of the disciples about the Jerusalem Temple, because he knew like now across this country and the world, there will be nothing left of any of them, that's not one stone left upon another, even by king Nebuchadnezzar's prophecy, he saw all nation building be brought to dust, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, all blown away into oblivion accordingly therfore, and I quote Him, Jesus,"let no man deceive you." I tell you guys, never in mankind's prophetic history has Jesus' every word said here ringed so evident, and all mankind have been set up for this biggest ever fall, even this entire earth, since before the Genesis. Yeah, like if you want to know what is this very second going on in the spirit world, and thus the real world, yeah Cheyenne calls it, reality prophecy, insead of reality TV, then read Daniel 7-12 chapters, and Revelaion 16-22 chapters, it is all what thousands of years of disobedience and rebellion hath for all things unrepentant man. Hence you are met with persecution on every hand just Lion as Jesus said, all of us actually because you're attempting to live in the Spirit World Jesus' Blood spilled therein made of this wicked earth, that despite its millions of inheritance into religion, still, it all opposes Him, His form of righteousness. That "One" calling on all to repent of all wicked devices and pleasures in bed with this wickedness or make it's cursed formation your damn eternity. So instead of worshipping Him, they're fallen in love with all crooked paths not leading to him, but to the great white judgment, to the lake of fire, thereof. Love not the world remember? But by the millions in coercion with this evil and by their lifestyle are saying no to Jesus and when He deny them as forewarn, they're all left this mesmerized. Meaning they take this guilt, these taxing sins and they bury them under the alters man hath for them, their pastors, choirs, tithes' and offerings, crying God don't see them. All rebelliousness causing God to turn on them and they wonder why He can't hear them unless they're repentant. With the emphasis you guys on, ___Elohim, ___can't," as one whose attention is jilted along its slowest motion, eyes, ears all cast into breaking news, with them all beginning to follow him. "I am sorry, so do we know him?" A shooting, New York local college, one of the professors, there, a Desrek Alum Deburk " stalked and attacked by one of his own students. "As surely Bronze as we know Maaseiah, we know Desrek Alum," seeing brother Sioux speeding for the communicator, Apache Arrow as well, reportedly Desrek Alum had been shot, up close and personal, severally injured. "So what do we know about the gunman? You mean other than he surrendered? Said he couldn't listen to anymore of Mr. Artelons' lies, meaning Beowulf, the preaching of Christ. {{{ "Well tell her its Mr. Deburk, Sioux Noel Deburk,"}}} he has a younger brother, Soledad, really spiritual people, yeah, Maaseiah is just as important to them, as she is to us, and they Cheyenne to her. Is this Saber what you mean, about being hated for preaching Jesus just now? People will hurt you Beo man for forcing them to realize the truth, ___think Beowulf about school days for an example, when people accused you of liking another, even if it was the truth, think how mad that's made you. Yeah, Maaseiah said she suffered head trauma because of it and almost died in her sleep, but said its also the sweet and bitter gift that made her outreach all the more possible, extraordinary. We going? Yes, Maaseiah called, need us there, I guess Desrek as well, so its America for Christmas, more Marked like an American airport, do you all even want to imagine the delays? Bronze? No, the Sia Juttah is expecting me back in New Africa, the wife too, well safe flight, you guys as well, tell Maaseiah many blesses. Would you Sioux while we wait transport tell us about Maaseiah's mirror vision, ___actually Saber it was live, she was grooming herself at the time. That while doing so, the mirror took on a vision, it was the throne of God, only it was position as to have its back at us and immediately she heard the Holy Spirit say, God has turn his back on the church. Its been thirty years now, Maaseiah said at the time she thought this was His position right then, but learn this has always been God's position, why he gave us the woman seed, Jesus, even the seven letters to those seven churches, mostly rejected to fix it. Thus there is only one name given under heaven, that souls could ever again get God's attention, Jesus the Christ, and repentant hearts gaining blood redemption only by it, Him. Just so recently, what she feel is an additional fulfillment, judgment, another mirror image of a form of body snatching, actually all her capacities even her mirror imagine all invaded by a young Asian male. Her Asian invasion, American soil, right, she's been forewarnig these 20 years, yeah, just as China, and North Korea are threating, I mean even Russia is a pending Asian invasion at allying him, well we know it's coming, it's one of many sentences of judgments per God's wrath aimed right this moment at them and no power on this earth nor above, beneathe can prevent it. Which guys bring us to the Intrepid Dream, what is it exactly? Its Maaseiah seeing not only America's Judgment, but her sentence, it mean Beowulf what happen September 11th of the same year. That it was only the beginning of sorrows, that greater trials of judgments, even to set it all back nearly 200 years, with a pale horse judgment unto an Islamic reign to follow, if you can imagined that. Clearly, no doubt the ten heads of Daniel and Revelation, things so urgent the Angels Gabriel specifically visited her, Maaseiah. Don't worry, she saw the bride taken, just as these judgments commenced, it's again what's happening in the prophetic world, unbelievers unto rebellion are completely blind too.   I'm Sorry, what are these bags? Everything Beo man you'll need for emergency, which this is, don't have to go home or shopping for nothing, wow man, wow. Look don't forget, the Angel Gabriel was the one appointed to explain end time prophecy to the Prophet Daniel, so for Maaseiah to see him now, as its all unto fulfillment, even into the sounding of the seventh Angel makes even glorious sense of all of it. Hey, there's a change of clothes, yeah Beo man, you and Spirit wear about the same, anything else we can buy once in America. I take it you guys don't care much for going to America, you been there? Not actually, mom always threaten Achilles and I, having an uncle Johnson there, but it never happen. What about Decimus? You mean Demonius, mom just couldn't see it, we were bad I admit, that was obvious to family and neighbors, but Demonius was more covert, put everything on us, and mom believed him, wow, look at these lines, yeah the worse time to travel, Christmas Eve.  Actually you guys Bronze Coten did us a favor, he flew commercial and left us the Heir Juttah, tell me you're not serious! What's an Heir Juttah, you my cousin and brother in Christ is about to find out. Look I always wondered how Maaseiah knew the 190 weigh scale was to be calculated into 190 months? The same way she knew there would be a Hussein White House, reign, it's all prophetic, the end time count down into Daniel's final week of years and the rise of Antichrist therein is all calculated along months.  The courtyard outside Jerusalem Temple, Rev. 11, 1, 2, is measured and given 42 months to reign of their enemy, then the beast rise, Rev. 13:5, is given 42 months, so 84 months in all, again seven years exacly. Then once Obama's Presidency was given two weeks and seven years, all now Saber expired unto Daniel's Seventieth year, Maaseiah knew her calculations were right, and you're saying expired mean possibly the Antichrist rise, here, today Marked Tree in our time, which will explain Maaseiah seeing a pale horse judgment as early as 2001, so yes all is unto fulfillment, as in Beowulf, right now, this hour, Awake, Apb, The RAM, see more here,